Pick the class that is right for you and your pet.  If your not sure, give us a call at 607-754-0536.  Inquire about our private training and behavioral consultation.



Advanced Class


The second stage of your training will begin in the advance class.   In this stage of training you and canine will focus on dog attention, proper form for handler and dog, and sharper more precise obedience.

  • Heel, about turns, pace changes, voluntary and automatic sit.
  • Recall on/off lead with voluntary sit in front.
  • Stand for exam.
  • Use of hand signals for sit and down commands.
  • Increase time and distance with distractions for sit stay and down stay.
  • Teach a finish.
  • Figure 8.
  • Use of retrieving, "drop it" and "hold it" commands.
  • Slip lead heeling.
  • Long sit.
  • Long down.
  • Sit and stay with test.



Private Training

Private training

If you have a busy schedule and can not attend group classes and feel that you need additional help with basic obedience and good manners, we offer one- on-one private sessions in your home or the training facility.  Call us for more information at 607-754-0536.



Pricing and Payment

*Each class offered is a 6 week long class that will meet one night per week for one hour.

*Each class will be given homework sheets, handouts and behavior modifications plans.

Pricing Varies for each class, please call for details at 607-754-0536.